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ERP implementation in Ethiopia

ERP implementation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a resource-rich continent which has seen a phenomenal growth in sales in commodities, services, and manufacturing. Ethiopia’s economy is diverse, powered by extensive trade routes which developed between cities and regions. Some trade routes are land-based, some involve navigating rivers, while others emerged around port cities.

The whole continent represents a huge opportunity for ERP software. The market has been for a long time neglected due to a lack of stability, growth and infrastructures, especially regarding the Internet access. A big portion of Ethiopian businesses are still running with the home-grown legacy system or even using manual processes. This gap in ERP development in Ethiopia compared to the rest of the world is also because for many years most of the ERP requirements were handled remotely which made Ethiopian businesses reluctant to adopt them not to have to struggle when requiring technical support for integration or maintenance.

However, as the market potential grows, most of the ERP providers are now based in few locations in Ethiopia. As mid-sized companies are growing quickly, they wish to expand around Ethiopia, so they realize the need to integrate an enterprise resource planning to manage their business. As companies are growing quickly having a flexible solution is also really important in Ethiopia. Having the possibility to start with only a few modules to then extend the solution to other areas of the company allows to always match real needs of the company, and paying only for what is really needed.

We specialize in the below modules:
1. Human Resource, Attendance & Payroll
2. Store & Inventory
3. Purchase Management
4. Sales and Distribution
5. Quality Control
6. Material Management
7. Production Management
8. Fleet
9. Fixed Assets
10. Scheme Management and much more

ZalaTech has introduced all its IT services on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to be in tune with the latest updates and development in the world of technology together with meeting the expectations of our prestigious customers. ZalaTech intends to create value and empower all types of businesses by aiding efficient solutions worldwide. We offer a wide range of IT Solutions like ERP Solutions in Ethiopia and East Africa, CRM, DMS, Payroll & Customized Solutions that help organizations improve their operational efficiency while keeping their budget in place. Our products are tried and tested, now with our budget-friendly ERP solutions.

To get more info on ZalaTech, the best-in-the-class ERP solution from the leading ERP Software Company in Ethiopia, write to us at [email protected] or reach us at +251-911-645867 for a quick demo and consultation

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