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Database Development Company In Ethiopia

ZalaTech offers design, development, optimization, administration, maintenance and consultancy services for Database Management Software Solutions. We work on different database management systems such as MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 etc. Our services vary from single server departmental databases for smaller organization to large scale data warehouses for large corporations.

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    The objectives of our Database Management

    Database provides a consolidated view of information about the organization, its business and customers, thereby, creating an institutional memory. It eliminates the duplication of efforts by providing all useful information on a unified platform.

    Services like data mining, data updation and data collection from helps our clients in gaining a competitive edge. Our service helps in improving sales lead follow-ups and anew customer acquisition.
    Handling servers across a variety of configurations with comprehensive tools and technical expertise in a secure environment
    24×7 database monitoring services, with no database downtime ever and with a regular updation of your databank
    Online database integration for easy transfer and sharing of information by different company office
    Database backup and recovery of data
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    Particle element

    Get Started for Database Development or Optimization

    At ZalaTech we put in our best to achieve this through tuning of queries, designs of database files, environment setup, choosing the right DBMS and much more.
    Database Optimization
    Database optimization is a crucial task in the light of increasing size of the databases and the complexity of data. Database optimization ultimately leads to faster and consistent application performance. Data Profiling is one important part of Database optimization. This involves assessment of varied data sources and values to ensure consistent, logical and unique data quality. Identification of primary keys, optimizing query performance, indexing of database and server tuning are few of the many techniques to enhance Database Optimization.
    Database Migration and Upgradation
    At ZalaTech, we support Data Migration projects involving data transfer between databases, leading to extraction of data from one to another data source. Database Upgradation involves moving the database from the current version to a higher version, without any loss of data and utilizing the new features of the upgrade to the best possible extent. With increasing dependency on database and huge size (terabytes) of available data, it is essential that data access from the database utilizes optimal resources to provide the output in the desired time with faster speed and accuracy.