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A Content Management System is a web application that makes content authoring and content delivery easy. It enables even non-technical users to efficiently build a website, streamline the web publishing procedures and quickly deploy them, creating a content-rich website.

Offering the top-notch and highly customizable CMS solutions for businesses in Ethiopia. Contact ZalaTech to get the user-friendly, fully-featured and highly interactive Content Management System – CMS website for your business.

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    Leveraging CMS platforms to grow your business.

    Our content management solutions are capable of high-volume scanning and imaging, automated data capture and data entry, document management and business process management (BPM). Automated form classification, data capture, document management (search engines, retrieval, revision history), and publishing/delivery—pushing content via print, email, web and RSS to the right people at the right time helps business engage with customers

    Highly Exquisite Properties
    ZalaTech’s modern web design focuses on minimalism, neutral colors and style.
    Authorized Access
    Your team can focus on content updations and site management while you free up time for your core business functions.
    Ready to Use
    CMS comes with a variety of built-in templates and shortcodes that are ready for your use by any devices.

    CMS Benefits You Cannot Ignore!

    For custom CMS Development, our professional go through all the stages in the lifecycle of Software Development process right from designing the software to prototyping to development, implementation and maintenance.

    Scale the CMS web app to handle traffic of any magnitude with zero downtime
    Delivering responsive CMS web platform with user experience regardless of screen size, and resolution.
    It has user-friendly data structures and enhances productivity and speed of the resulting CMS.
    A team of security experts secure CMS websites remains secure against cyber attacks.
    Latest Technology
    updated and follow latest trends and technology in order to build advanced featured CMS site for clients.
    Custom CMS Plugin
    Custom WordPress plugins help you to add extra functionality to your website. We develop highly secure and quality custom plugins that offer several features & functionality

    ZalaTech | Right Choice for CMS and Website Development

    As a trusted CMS and Website development company in Ethiopia, we at ZalaTech never lack behind in offering the best development services to our clients in Ethiopia.

    High-quality service
    ZalaTech provides high quality CMS and website development services according to your business requirements.
    Regular Reports
    At ZalaTech we always believe in keeping our clients updated about their CMS and website project during the entire project development phase for better delivery of the project.
    Quality CMS and Websites
    Our CMS and website developers develop secure & powerful coding frameworks of PHP & highly attractive as well as quality CMS and websites
    Advanced Security & Scalability
    Our CMS and Website development company in Ethiopia ensures high scalability as well as protection of website by implementing highly advanced security measures such as secure plugins & secure admin dashboard and more.

    Highly Effective CMS Development Process

    Planning And Strategy
    Once we have all the information, our experts get started with developing a sitemap that offers a clear idea of the website’s architecture. With our SEO strategy and proper planning, we make sure the results turn out to be stunning.
    UI/UX Design And Development
    We create multiple design concepts and directions. We work on wireframe, layout, colour scheme, translate the design into the live site and more. This is one of the important stages where all the production work is done.
    Once the website has all the visuals and content, we get started for the testing phase. Our designer & web developers thoroughly tests each page, every link, content and validates all the codes to meet development standards and to ensure that the website is bug-free.
    After the testing, we upload the files to the server. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software is used for that purpose. Run a final diagnostic check to ensure the website runs smoothly. We also offer a website maintenance service plan.

    Covering All Major Ethiopian Industries.

    We have delivered highly scalable & secure website design and development solutions to clients in diverse industries including retail, healthcare to banking, travel and more. Following are the industries we cater to when it comes to website design and development services.

    At ZalaTech, we offer Healthcare website Design and Development solutions based on in-depth research & deep industry knowledge. Our talented team of experts has years of experience in developing solutions for the betterment of mankind. Serving this sector with top-notch solutions is the main objective of our company. Our solutions not only use cutting-edge technology but also provide excellent returns on investments. Not only do we offer Healthcare website Design and Development services, but we also partner with our clients and consult them on the latest developments in the industry and deliver “future-ready” solutions which address healthcare needs and eliminate redundancy. Our talented team uses a technical approach and expertise to create reliable and stable web applications that are compliant with HIPAA regulations. We at ZalaTech offer you a complete range of healthcare development services. We have created the best healthcare website Design and Development for our esteemed customers who were satisfied with our service delivery.
    Retail & eCommerce
    At ZalaTech, we deliver cutting-edge technology solutions for eCommerce & retail businesses. Our website Design and Development solutions are built on the latest technology platforms like Magento, SpreeCommerce, and PrestaShop. Our quality services are spread across web development, responsive web development customization, cart development, payment gateway integration, order tracking, content management, & relationship management. We at ZalaTech ensure best practices in user experience design to deliver responsive web design with high on-page performance optimization, faster page load time, page fluidity, and regular maintenance. Proper incorporation of needed features, simple navigation, and precise tailoring in view of our client’s specific business objectives assure that our online stores deliver value to customer’s businesses. We firmly believe in timely delivery & cost-efficient solutions along with consistency and premium quality. Our dedicated team of professionals uses their experience in developing online stores and domain knowledge to build products customized to our client expectations. We have experience in developing solutions across industries like retail, healthcare, grocery, transport, and much more. We specialize in plug-in & module development solutions for small and medium-level enterprises.
    Travel and Tourism
    At ZalaTech, we build cutting-edge technology to help travel and tourism businesses automate the management of customer communication, guest management, online booking, customer communication, and logistics management. We have a dedicated team specializing in the design and develop end-to-end travel website Design and Development solutions by integrating OTAs’ & tour operators’ websites. We keep ourselves updated on the latest trends and developments in travel and hospitality to not only develop solutions but also consult our clients and help them be future-ready. This adds immense value to our as well as our client’s businesses. We at ZalaTech focus on developing easy-to-use interfaces that boost user engagement and maximize Return on Investment. Our goal is to minimize on costs of operations while uplifting return on investment for your business.
    Education and eLearning
    Our highly talented eLearning development team applies both traditional as well as innovative e-learning approaches to enhance the learning process with new technologies which will help the educators to understand their learners & deliver solutions that cover diverse e-learning techniques using emerging modern technology AR/VR enabled learning. Moreover, we offer customized e-learning solutions to improve corporate learning portals, online courses, learning management systems, online training applications, among many more. We partner with our customers to understand their needs and deliver real outcomes which make a business impact. Our solutions ensure that our customer’s investment in their employees is justified by challenging them to take risks and experience consequences within a safe, online learning and training environment. From small simulations to scenario-based software training- our web-based, easy-to-implement solutions span across all varieties depending on our client’s needs and budgets. It eliminates all geographical barriers reinforcing collaboration and opens up a broad horizon of learning, discussions, and cross-cultural interactions.
    Banking and Finance Solutions
    Our team of experts is highly qualified and certified with in-depth expertise and years of experience in this industry. This helps us in understanding client requirements better. We not only build products, but we also work with our clients to provide them expert consulting services and tell them what they need in the future! At the same time, we are completely driven by the objective of helping financial institutions in achieving cost-efficiency and scalability. Our custom-built tech solutions for banking and finance businesses are mainly conceptualized to fill the bridge between the banking service and the common person. Our purpose is to produce personalized banking and financial solutions to improve agility, operation, and leadership.
    Logistics and Transportation
    Whether you’re a transportation company or offer other services, logistics software development is an important means of managing inventory and keeping the supply chain running smoothly, from warehouse management to shipping. Every enterprise has logistics needs, after all. And they operate better when you have the right tech by their side. We have a highly talented smart logistics software development team who are at the same time keen learners as well. Moreover, The team specializing in logistics and transportation concentrates on maximizing return on investment and improving the overall workflow daily. We at ZalaTech offer you the top logistics software development service and help you increase your development with our cross-functional expertise.
    Media and Entertainment
    We have an offshore software development company that provides online promotion solutions, social networking, media content distribution channels using the latest tech trends and social networking development tools. We at ZalaTech develop fully-fledged software for video streaming, offer your end-users top-notch features they need, and give access to the content on desktops as well as mobile devices. Implementing cutting-edge technology, we assist Media and Entertainment industry to build eye-catching & intuitive experiences for fans and visitors. Our versatile and advanced software development services incorporate features such as live video feeds, ticket booking, loyalty programs, social media, and fan transit. Since we hold many years of experience in the IT industry, till now, we have functioned with a few of the prominent names in the industry; also, we benefited them to boost their profits.
    The automotive sector requires effective software solutions to enhance sustainability and efficiency. Being a top software development company we at ZalaTech provide innovative, customized, and technology-driven solutions to its clients across the globe. We deliver top-notch automotive software development services according to your business requirements. Embracing the complexity of the automotive software architecture, our automotive software services are built around top approaches for prototyping, developing, testing, and deploying new features. Other than that, all our automotive software development efforts don’t compromise on user satisfaction but improve software performance.

    Frequently asked questions

    CMS is growing in the market and it offers the best advantages to the user. Here are the few advantages of CMS.

    • It Is User-Friendly
    • Responsiveness
    • SEO-Friendly
    • Plugins
    • Easy to Update

    Below mentioned are the services that our programmers offer.

    • CMS Installation & Configuration
    • CMS Theme Design & Development
    • Custom CMS Plugin Development
    • Content-based sites
    • CMS site Development
    • Theme Customization
    • Multi-Users & Corporate Blogging Solutions
    • CMS Data Migration
    • CMS site Maintenance

    Yes absolutely, ZalaTech Web Design is the best development agency in Ethiopia for your website and creates 100% secure. Our expert designers and developers use robust CMS and clean codes to develop websites that offer total protection against hackers and spammers. All our websites come installed with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to further enhance the security of your website. You can also exchange an HTTP address for HTTPS to improve your website security and serve as a trust signal to your customers. For more information, please give us a call.

    Yes, we provide web hosting services for all our websites

    Every project has its unique concept as well as requires a fresh strategy for the development lifecycle. Importantly, we follow the below mentioned complete agile project development cycle:

    • Requirement Gathering & Analysis
    • Consultation
    • Wireframing & Designing
    • Development
    • Testing & QA
    • Deployment

    The process is – After receiving payment for the project, our customer support team will get in touch with you to coordinate between you and the technical team from start of the project till you run your project with us.

    Absolutely, yes. Experts work hard to ensure your website is fully responsive and looks great on all devices. A mobile-friendly website contributes to your business success as it is convenient to access and make purchases on the go. Apart from this, the mobile-friendly website we create loads quickly and has fewer pop-ups offering a seamless user experience. The call to action is prominent and contact information is strongly featured, thus allowing the users to engage with your website easily and drive more sales. As a top SEO web development company, we always use mobile friendly web designs tips to make your website mobile-friendly with all the attributes in place to help it rank high and ultimately achieve your goals.

    Definitely yes. We will give you the Admin Panel of your website to update content and images in the website yourself. For an eCommerce Website, we give the admin panel to add/edit/delete product items, check orders, enquiries, update content & images.