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Where Lead Generation Websites Go Wrong On User Experience
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Where Lead Generation Websites Go Wrong On User Experience

“(UX) encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

Think about this definition of UX in terms of your lead generation website. How does it measure up?

Lead generation websites often fall short in one or more areas — fatal flaws that invisibly prevent website visitors from converting. Here are five of the most devastating UX flaws in lead generation websites.

  • Mixed brand message. Is your company the cheapest? The most innovative? The most reliable? The most relationship oriented? Problems arise when the brand tries to be all of the above, plus a few more. The most compelling brand message is focused and powerful, like a hammer.
  • Inwardly focused content. When companies talk about themselves, they bore visitors — or worse. People come to your website to find solutions to their problems. The top leads go to companies that write product and service copy from the prospect’s point of view.
  • Poor mobile experience. No matter what business you’re in, you should assume a good percentage of your website traffic comes from mobile devices, even if it’s only to bookmark your site for later research on a desktop. If your mobile display is clumsy, you will lose a significant number of conversions.
  • Hard-to-find phone number. Finding the phone number on your website should not be like playing “Where’s Waldo?” Great lead generation websites always keep the phone number in prominent view, clearly marked as the number to call for inquiries, and with click-to-call functionality to boot. This is a great example of how a seemingly little thing is just as important as more sweeping branding and content issues.
  • Ineffective images. Images — product photos, charts, etc. — present terrific opportunities to drive home key features, benefits and selling points. However, many lead generation sites fail to take advantage of these opportunities, and instead use bland, poorly composed images that obscure rather than clarify these key points. Huge error!

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