Vehicle Fleet Management Software In Ethiopia

Vehicle Fleet Management Software In Ethiopia

Manage your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and assignments.

An efficient fleet management system will help the business to improve revenue as well as efficiency. An efficient fleet management system will help the business to manage all vehicle-related operations including the repair and maintenance work and the management of the crew who drive and manage the vehicles.
There can be different types of fleet management. The first one is fleet management companies. For them, their entire business is related to fleet management.

The second type of fleet management is the fleet operations managed by other industries. Here, some organizations or businesses may be manufacturing or sales, may require a number of vehicles for different purposes and they may be running a separate fleet management wing.


Why do we need a software tool for Fleet Management?

A software solution can do the tasks of many fleet management employees and work as an efficient assistant for the fleet manager. Whatever be your business, if you are handling fleet-related operations, ERP tool can provide you support to manage the registration, repair, maintenance, driver and fuel consumption, and every other aspect of the vehicles. This can help the fleet manager to set aside the worries. Besides, it will ensure round-the-clock tracking of the vehicles and a transparent management system.

  • Vehicle management
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle number tracking
  • Driver management
  • Travel detail management
  • Contract management
  • Fuel log maintenance
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance management



In-depth descriptions

Specify brand and model, registration number, chassis number, number of doors and seats, color, etc. to easily identify each vehicle of your fleet.

Keep track of mileage

Report odometer readings to keep track of the vehicle’s mileage and forecast service and repairs.

Vehicle maintenance

Have a day-by-day follow up of all vehicles maintenance needs, to forecast services and keep track of repairs.

Leasing contracts

Specify contract start and expiry dates, activation and recurring costs, and status of the contract.

Monitor fuel consumption

Record every refill for each car to monitor fuel consumption, or link each vehicle to a specific fuel card to automatically record transactions.

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