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Checklist for ERP Implementation

Checklist for ERP Implementation

ERP implementation is a multifaceted process. It begins when we decide to start the implementation of an ERP. ERP is usually used to manage different tasks with efficiency. From employee management to client management and sales to purchase can be managed with ease if you are using an ERP tool. It will also support your business to get a shot in the arms by saving time and energy. This tool is sure to help you to improve the business and its efficiency. Productivity will in turn improve profitability. 

An ERP tool is designed to manage different tasks including

1. Manage all documents and data 

2. Quick and efficient completion of tasks.

3. Avoid delay in internal as well as external communication

4. Don’t waste your time

5. Every penny is priced

6. Optimal use of work hours

7. Manage and plan budget and other financial transactions

8. Ensure round the clock customer support

9. Keep track of supply chain

10. Report generation made easy

Reasons to choose ERP

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a software tool that can be used to ease all business-related tasks. All types of business ventures can make use of the ERP tool for managing operations. It is equally useful for small, large, and medium business ventures. 

Are you running an e-commerce business? ERP is your best companion for managing e-commerce. It can also support you to manage different currencies and will help the conversion of currencies. 

This tool can be your best assistant in the competitive world. Change with the market with your ERP platform. Manage customers, coordinate employees, and operate products and services without difficulty using the online platform. 

Choose the best for managing resources

What is a resource? It can either be a human resource or a material resource. We have to manage both these resources. Proper communication between the employees and the employees and the clients must be guaranteed by the ERP solution. 

At the same time, there should be a system to manage the materials and machinery. This can be done by documentation and tracking. 

Quick Glance

1. Find out the best ERP vendor

2. Finalize the best ERP solution

3. Efficient Planning and implementation

4. Ensure upward, downward and lateral communication inside the organization

5. Manage employees and changes

6. Quick and efficient data migration

7. Best customization

8. Find out the best Integration

9. Verify the pros and cons of implementation

10. Post implementation support. 

Choose the best partner to get the best support

You will not find any difficult to identify ERP vendors. But the difficult task is to choose the right partner for you. Don’t worry. Follow a few steps and find your apt partner. 

– Past history of the vendor can help you to track their performances and client details.

– Ensure the expertise of the vendor in ERP implementation

– The rate of success as well as the failure of the vendor does matter

– Check the industry expertise and knowledge of the vendor. 

How to choose the ERP suitable for your business?

Facing the problem of plenty? Always go for the best solution but also check if it’s affordable. Analyze your demands and study the market before picking your partner. 

– Analyze the industry-specific performance of the ERP

– Review the technical and functional features

– Evaluate the cost

– Know about back up support 

Study the Industry

Understand the industry and assess the requirements. You are implementing the ERP for many years and hence you have to foresee the demands of your industry. Get the best ERP tool that can surely be a long-term companion for your business.

Win the confidence of Employees

Employees are the pillars of an organization. So you should not keep ERP implementation a secret. Every employee who will be the beneficiaries of the ERP should be alerted before finalizing ERP implementation. 

Data migration made easy

The quick transition between two different systems can be difficult. You may face difficulty in transferring data from the old tool to a new one. This can be managed efficiently if you plan data migration in advance. Avoid the transfer of all documents. Instead plan data transfer and identify must to transfer documents. List out the documents which need not be transferred to ease the process.

Adapt well to manage changes

ERP implementation is like an organ transplant. It takes proper training, management, and support for the employees to adapt well to the changes. You are responsible to communicate ERP implementation plans to your employees, gather their suggestions, and educate them about their importance. Employee retention rate should be high after ERP implementation.

Customize your tools

Every ERP tool like every individual is different in forms. One has to customize the tool to suit your business. Customization or personalization of the tool can be done after studying your requirements. You have to take into account the tasks of your employees and client management practices while fixing customization. 

Plan ERP Integration

Integrating ERP modules magnifies the benefits of the tool. To assure the best use of ERP we have to be well prepared and identify the Apps to be integrated. We also have to finalize the modules to be used for our customization.

Efficient Implementation

ERP implementation should never be a never-ending process. To make ERP implementation a quick and timely task we have to plan the activities in advance. Whenever you think about ERP implementation make sure that your future partner has an admirable history in completing the tasks at a time. Task completion on time is not equal to hurried implementation. Hurry can cause errors. To ensure perfection Don’t hesitate to track the history of the partner. 

Effective Support and Training

Make sure that your ERP implementation partner will help you to offer the best training and support to your team. Rigorous training will help employees to use the ERP tool effectively and manage all their tasks. Remember that ERP training for employees is the key to ensure the success of the ERP tool. 

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